We believe that in order to build dynamic, winning teams you first need to understand how people operate on both a personal level and within the dynamics of a team environment.

Our specialist Learning & Development programmes are designed around the powerful experience of Formula 1 PitStops and the team dynamics required to deliver exceptional results.

We aim to develop and grow teams both as a group and individually in order to increase organisational performance, and help each member reach personal goals through the application of tried and tested theories and methodologies, every team wants to consistently perform at the highest level, yet so few teams actually achieve this.

Through coaching, interaction and participation in a World Class team environment our High Performing Teams programmes explore the complex individual mindsets and team dynamics that combine to produce exceptional and sustained performance in any team environment.

Each programme is designed to meet your own particular business challenges, and flexible enough to operate at your business premises or alternatively at a number of unique venues throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the World.

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